Janet Henry
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So what's this group of small mixed media objects about? What are they for? Here's the back story.

To get myself away from the toys and dolls used in the early 90's I began working with beads from my jewelry business. The result was fairly large words written out with very long "lariats", the jewelry term for open-ended necklaces. (Some examples of this work is in another section of my website.)

Next I discovered the nonfunctional; I made smaller objects that served no purpose what-so-ever. I did things like festoon rocks with the same beaded patterns used for shekeres and clustered fruit nut beads so they looked like Ibo seed rattles. They might resemble percussion instruments (I got interested in drumming around the same time) but they couldn't be used or worn.

The latter spawned "Meanders" whose only reason for existing was to use the beautiful beads I had acquired but couldn't turn into jewelry. After symmetry and perfection what comes next is dissonance I guess; hence this "Two's Series". Curiosity is the driving force behind most of my creative decisions, "What happens when you couple the disparate and dissimilar?" Some rather interesting things actually, and since there are like thirty something words meaning "Two" I've made it a goal to make a piece for everyone of them.

This work has an African sensibility, it isn't something I have to strive for conscientiously it's always been there and I am very proud of that because it's the spirit and humanity I want people to connect with, not the specific region of west Africa my ancestors probably came from.