Sculpture/Installation > NYC Phantasmagoria

Giving my regards to Broadway means recreating the iconic street along with the rest of the Isle of Manhattan with thousands of Legos. The result is NYC Phantasmagoria, a 13 feet long rendering that highlights the city's attractions and renowned architecture.

I began this epic, detailed and creative interpretation in the early 90's and laid my final Lego brick last year. NYC Phantasmagoria makes reference to famed artists David Hammons, Louise Nevelson and the city's cultural organizations and institutions of higher learning. It also examines contemporary architecture, development and municipal projects.

For millions of people around the world, even the vista of New York City is an inspiration. I combined that inspiration with my fascination for the potential to create something unique and beautiful from something as simple as a child's toy.

Exhibition: March 18-April 2011. The Strickland Lobby at the American Tobacco Campus, Durham, NC